Hello, Stranger.


Well, it’s been over a month since my last post. I have been up to my eyeballs in learning things. New information has been flying at me from all angles. For example, just tonight, just an hour ago, I learned Markdown. A basic, simple, method for creating XHTML documents. Some people might call it a language, but it’s actually a tool, written in Perl. It is commonly used for readme files on GitHub, which is exactly the reason I learned how to use it tonight. From the time I was first introduced to it, to the time it took me to finish my readme file was about 30 minutes. So that shows how basic the “language” is.

The coding bootcamp got intense and I felt like I was barely keeping my head above water. Then the first section, the Front-End portion, came to an end and I had to create a final project. That took me about three weeks I think, maybe a little more. I just wrapped that up this past weekend. I still have some code cleanup to do, but as far as functionality and UI goes its complete. I had some friends tell me it breaks in Safari though. I will need to re-visit that another time. I need to put this one behind me for now and move on to the next section of the course.

The next section of the bootcamp course takes me through backend JavaScript, using Node.js. I’m really excited to learn Node! I had fun learning Front-End development, but I think I might enjoy backend more. We’ll see though. This will be my first exposure to any backend language.

Ok, onwards and upwards! I’ll try to post again soon. Here are a few links…