Just back from a trip to Bali. I brought my laptop, like a good student should. However, I fell off track a bit, like a good vacationer should. So, what have I been working on? Lots of stuff! It all falls on the server side. I feel like the learning curve for server side technology, such as Node and Express, is really steep. It took me a couple weeks to wrap my head around it. I grasp the concept now, and I am working on learning when to “require” and “use” what. Learning which module to import and when to use app.use is overwhelming to me. I guess there is no magic wand that I can wave and suddenly understand it. I just need to keep plugging away.

The last two weeks have been all about Mocha and Chia. I’m learning about Unit Testing, Integration Testing with Travis-CI, TDD Vs BDD, and some other fun stuff.

Today, I started working on my LinkedIn page. It has been dormant for like a million years. So today I knocked the dust off it and basically started from scratch. Honestly, I have never been a big fan of LinkedIn. In my opinion I think it’s too bad that it is the go-to. It has always felt like they are trying to make it something its not. I dont want another social media profile. I just want to use it for job hunting. And did you know that they removed the ability to import your resume to populate your profile? Ridiculous, right? I left them a fun message in the feedback section. Also, in the edit profile section there is a place to enter a “formerly known name,” and if you put something in there it gets displayed in the middle of your name on your profile in parentheses. E.g. “Bert (Joe) Smith.” In my opinion that would work for a nickname, but a former name should be in a separate field. But anyways, I dont want to rant here. There are a few other things that I don’t like about LinkedIn, but all well I’ll suck it up. I also signed up for Twitter today too. I am probably the last person to sign up in the world. I have always tried to steer clear of the Twitterverse but I put a lot of thought into it.  Yes, I actually contemplated this, like spent time thinking about whether I should join or not. I came to the conclusion that it has potential to be helpful when I start job hunting. If I keep it strictly for Web Development related news and chatter then I could deal with it. I’m not going to give my username out to my friends. Remember? I don’t want another social media profile. I’m trying to stay focused. Trying so hard. I’ll be updating the contact page on this blog with LinkedIn and Twitter soon. I want a little more time to get my ducks in a row.

I’ve been watching a ton of videos lately. Mostly about Node, Express, Mocha, and Chai. I also picked up a JavaScript book that I am really enjoying. I’ll post a few video links below.


Back From Vacation


I just got back from a ten day trip to Asia. My wife and I spent some time in Jakarta with her family and then we went to Bangkok for a few days. I didn’t have access to a computer so I fell behind in my lessons, but I’m getting back into the routine now. I did pick up a book to read before I left though, that kept my mind on coding. It’s called The Self-Taught Programmer. It’s a good read; I recommend it. However, I was expecting less how-to and more about life as a programmer. That’s the impression I got when I ordered it, but a bulk of it is teaching Python. Which is great, and I plan on returning to the book when it is time for me to learn Python, but it’s not something I have time for at the moment. The last couple chapters talk about life as a programmer and what to expect when someone lands their first job as a developer, and it goes into best practice and etiquette and things like that.

Other than reading, I haven’t done anything with code for the past ten days, so there isn’t much to report on.

On a side note, I decided to drop my course for now. I want to focus solely on I think it would be best to pore all of my time into one course rather than trying to divide my attention across more than one course. My lessons at took me through Responsive Design right before I left for vacation. I’m about to dive into JavaScript now. Since I recently had some good exposure to JS from the other course, I think I’ll start out strong. It should all be fairly easy at first, but this course moves at a rapid pace! I should be getting into new territory soon!