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It’s been all about JavaScript for the past couple weeks since my last post. This is what I’ve been working on:

  • variables- local and global
  • data types
  • working with strings and numbers
  • functions
  • control flow with conditions and logic operators
  • try … catch
  • arrays
  • loops
  • scope (the reason why global vars should be avoided)

The next lesson takes me through Objects. This will be my first time ever working with Objects. I’m getting into uncharted territory now! I’m excited! After I publish this post I’ll get started with that lesson.

The lesson on Objects will actually wrap up the JavaScript stage of my course. Well, kind of. I should say that will wrap up the “pure JavaScript.” Or some people call it “vanilla JavaScript.” The next stage of the course introduces me to jQuery. Wooo! Finally! I can’t wait to start learning some JS libraries and frameworks!

After jQuery comes React- but thats still several months out. There will be many projects in between those two sections.

No links or videos to share this time. I just wanted to get something posted because it had been a while. Ok… back to studying! See ya next time.