My classes are moving at a fast pace now. At I just finished a JavaScript project and at I just finished up some CSS positioning lessons. It’s like drinking from a firehose! I’m having trouble keeping track of all the new things I am learning that I want to get logged here. Just over the past week I was introduced to Git and GitHub- GUI and command line. I learned the Git commands that I’ll be using the most as a developer. I’ve been practicing them in Git Bash. I’ve also checked out GitKraken to see what the GUI is like. I will be checking out SourceTree soon as well. The Git flow is taking me a little while to fully grasp but I’m getting there. I’ll have it down like an old habit soon. I’ve also been working out of three different code editors- Sublime, Atom, and VS Code – so I can get a feel for all of them. My goal is to pick one and move forward with that. Right now, I am leaning towards Code. I basically made a list of all the features I want my code editor to have and then figured out which editor I can get there with the least steps. Sublime wins; it comes with the most features out of the box. However, for some reason there is a draw to Code that I am having trouble resisting. I just like it a lot. So why fight it. I’ll most likely make that my go-to.

This is what my feature wishlist looked like. This is an out-of-the-box comparison.

  • dark theme (atom, sublime, visual studio code)
  • auto-indent \ beautify \ format (sub, code)
  • html boilerplate (sub, atom)
  • emmet (code)
  • vert guides (sub)
  • minimap (sub)
  • last line of code can be scrolled to the top of the screen (sub, code)
  • multi cursor edit (code, sub, atom)
  • insert lorem ipsum text (code, sub, atom)

As you can see, Sublime ticked almost all of the boxes. I should totally go with Sublime, but like I mentioned I am just drawn to Visual Studio Code more. From a fresh install of VS Code, all I need to do to get it up to speed, is install extensions for the boilerplate code and the vertical guides. The rest, such as the minimap, is enabled in settings. Pretty simple to get my coding environment to my liking. That’s exactly what I want too. I want the least amount of setup as possible.

Here’s a few things I learned lately:

  • The other day I had a realization about the CSS display declaration. I was having trouble fully understanding the difference between inline and inline-block. It finally clicked! I use inline-block if I need the element to fit inline AND if I need to adjust its dimensions. If it’s just inline, then I can’t adjust width and height.
  • I learned a couple methods for eliminating white space between inline divs. That’s something I have struggled with prior to these classes that I’m taking. If the divs are on separate lines then the browser renders the carriage return as a space, so by keeping the divs butted up against each other it will eliminate the space. Another method is to add “font-size: 0” to the parent.
  • I had another ah-ha moment when I was working on a JavaScript project. I was using a while loop but I couldn’t figure out why my variable wasn’t getting iterated. Well I realized I had the variable called within the loop so it was always getting reset every time the function was called. I placed it outside of the loop but it still wasn’t working properly. Well then I realized my while loop was looping until my variable was zero, so then it was reset back to the initial value each time the function was called, rather than iterating. That’s when I discovered the power of For Loops! I learned how to use an index to iterate, and then my project worked! It was such an awesome feeling to have one of those moments. I had been trying to get my code to work for at least two hours. As soon as I got the For loop dialed in everything worked! That’s the best feeling when I figure something out and learn something valuable at the same time.


There is probably a ton more to share but like I mentioned it’s all going so fast now! I’m learning a lot and I am really enjoying it too.


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