Github Newbie


Yesterday I joined Github. I have no idea how to use it yet but that will change soon. I will start uploading projects that I work on for my online classes. Speaking of that, I created a color guessing game, using standard JS, yesterday. It was a project for my Full-Stack class. It’s already up on Github. Hopefully I can buy a domain soon though. I’d like to link to my projects for people to see the functionality. I don’t know yet if that’s possible on Github. I tried to find a way to launch the webpage but all I can do is view the code.

Last week I learned a valuable coding lesson while I was practicing. I had a couple of textareas and I was practicing grabbing text from one and copying it to the other. I had a couple of variables setup which were assigned to the content of the textareas using getElementById. Well, I was troubleshooting the reason why it wouldn’t work when I clicked the button to copy the text. After a lot of head scratching and internet searches I figured out the problem. So, the textareas started out empty when the page loaded, and then I was entering in text and then clicking the button. All of my code syntax was correct, but the variables were outside of the click function so the variables were empty when the page loaded. When I included the variables inside of the function, then it would grab the text I entered and display it in the other textarea. I think that is a lesson I’ll take with me forever now. It made a lot of sense when I figured it out and I had one of those ah-ha moments.

The other online Full-Stack class that I am taking is over at and so far it’s been really great! I am off to a slow start, but that will change as of today. I am going to shoot for 20 hours of coding practice every week. I’ll continue to do my class as well but that is completely self-pace. The Thinkful course is much more official, like an actual college class, but it’s 100% online. They assigned me a mentor, who I’ll meet with 2-3 times every week. Also, there are weekly “reflections,” where they want me to talk about what I learned in the prior week. So with those two things- the mentor and the reflection sessions- I’ll be motivated to stay on task. I don’t want to fall behind and not have relevant topics to discuss at those meetings. It’s going to be a really tough six months, but I’m looking forward to it and I’m excited!


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