More HTML and CSS Progress


Still working through the free lessons over at Codecademy. Most of it is still review as well. Although new topics are starting to become more common. Tonight, some of the topics that were new to me were:

  • linking to Google Fonts- it was my first time learning that Google has a repository of free fonts that developers can link to. I think that’s pretty cool! It allows devs to use a font that would still be displayed even when it’s not installed on the end-user’s device. I’ll link to it at the bottom.
  • the word “leading” in reference to adjusting line height. I have long known how to adjust line height but the lesson taught me exactly where the adjustment takes place. That was my first exposure to the terminology.
  • kerning in ref to letter spacing. Same kind of thing as leading. Although I had hear of the term kerning I didn’t know the meaning of it until I went through the lesson tonight.
  • using a number for font weight. This was new to me. I know it’s very basic but I had always used “normal” and “bold.” So this is cool. It opens up a new door for me.
  • text-transform. This was totally new to me. I didn’t know that it was possible to transform text between upper and lower via CSS.
  • min and max width and height. Another new one for me. I think the lesson I went through tonight it preparing for a future Responsive Web Design course. I learned about establishing minimum and maximum width and height. Cool stuff!

Also, I dived a little deeper into the “em” measurement. The lesson did an ok job at explaining it but I was still confused. With a search I found a page that explained it quite well. I’ll link it at the bottom.

In my last entry I closed with two links to coding videos that I liked. This time I have one article and one very helpful webpage to link to:

  • This article helped me understand the “em” measurement.
  • If you haven’t heard of Google Fonts you should check it out!

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