HTML and CSS Progress


Since my last entry I’ve been perusing and I’ve been taking advantage of the free lessons they offer. I’m still brushing up on HTML and CSS basics. I am already familiar with a majority of the material in the lessons. As far as HTML goes, I feel comfortable coding on my own. I still have to look up specific syntax or an exact element name sometimes though. The only new material that stands out in my mind is a CSS3 value to control opacity, called rgba(). The “A” stands for Alpha. I learned that it’s only available for CSS v3 and it can only be used with RGB colors values. Other than that I don’t recall learning anything new yet.

Soon, I will run out of free lessons available from those two site, so I’ll need to pick one to pay for. I’m also paying a monthly subscription for I’ve gone through all of the HTML and CSS lessons there. The next lesson dives into JavaScript. I was holding off on starting that because I want to get more HTML and CSS practice under my belt. I’ll probably get started on that this week though.

My focus is improving. When I started this journey it was difficult to get in the mood to code when I got home from work. I had to make myself do it. Now, I find myself thinking about coding when I am away from a computer and I also put in a little practice while at work when I get some spare time. It’s getting much easier to practice coding when I get home from work as well.

I’ve been starting to watch coding videos too. I think I’ll start picking a couple that I liked to share in my posts.