Full Stack – week 1


A couple weeks ago I bought a course from called “Full Stack Web Development Specialization.” I’ve been working through it off and on after work. Today I finished the first week material, which was basic HTML and CSS. I’m talking like HTML 101 stuff. About 90% I already knew, but it was a nice refresher. A few of the latest HTML5 items that it went over were new to me. Such as, fieldset, legend, main, section, and some of the new input types. The final assignment was to build a form. The instructions provided an image and some vague directions. The form included many different input types- including a radio options, checkboxes, a file upload button, labels, and a submit button. The course also discussed GET and POST differences, so we were supposed to pick the right one for our assignment. The instructions also provided some styles that we were supposed to apply.

I attempted to code it all without looking up any tags or syntax. So I was going off of my past experience and skills I already had and a little bit of new knowledge I gained from reading through the course material. I’d say I got about 75% of it coded correctly in my first shot. Some things I flat out forgot and others I made some typos and other errors were syntax related. I think I did pretty well overall. I am going to follow up that material with a lesson at to brush up even more on HTML and CSS. On the next lesson dives into JavaScript, and my skill set for JS is weak right now. I want to get really solid with HTML and CSS before diving into new material.

For the project that I just finished I used Visual Studio Code. I am going to download a few more of the top IDEs to try out as well.